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Rental Cars and Bluetooth - 17 Sep 2018

I recently traveled far as hell and needed a rental car. Since most rental cars are up to date it and NY has a “no cell phone” law while driving (you can’t hold your phone in your hand) I decided to use the Bluetooth option and pair with the car’s onboard audio system, allowing me to play music and get phone calls.

What is Reactive Programming - 02 Sep 2018

I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews lately. In particular I’m interviewing for Android positions (finally). A question that always gets asked is my thoughts on reactive programming. Why? I really don’t know and tend to forget what it means. So in this post I will attempt to breakdown what reactive programming is and maybe give you some pointers from the Android perspective.

Creating a Nextcloud server on Linode - 02 Sep 2018

Based off Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS linode

Firebase + React Native (Building an inventory App) - 02 Sep 2018

If you don’t want to read this and just want to view the code then it can be found here. This walk-thru assumes you know the basics of firebase.

Guide to Wine Bottle Tree - 02 Sep 2018

Where did I get this idea?

Resources: Books and how to find research papers - 25 Aug 2018

As I’m packing up I’ve seen a bunch of books and papers I’ve used this past year. So I wanted to post about some books and research topics. Most of these resources I got from suggestions of others. I’ll try to tell you the why behind buying them but at this point some of the whys are no longer valid. Let’s begin…

RDP vs VNC - 18 Aug 2018

At work I use this application called Jump Desktop. It allows me to RDP or VNC into a machine at a client site but I never know when to use which nor what the difference is. I hope to take the time to explain this a little so please bear with me and as always if your an expert please feel free to comment your thoughts.

Hacker Definitions - 14 Aug 2018


Intro Into My Research - 10 Aug 2018

Hi! If you came here then you already know I’m Keheira. I applied for grad school to study hardware security. As I completed my first year I realized that I am more interested in network security and medical devices. The difference is really looking at the different layers of the technology stack. I hope this site will serve as a nice place for me to share my knowledge as I make my way into the network security field.

Static Hosting on AWS - 07 Aug 2018

I’ve been using AWS a lot more now mostly because I have credits (don’t want to lie to you). If you follow me on social media then you know I recently fell in love with linode for small projects (I also have some credit there), but for things that won’t change such as my personal site and business site I’m going to stick with AWS. This is a guide to remember how to host a site using s3 buckets and route 53. It took me forever to figure out the first time. So let’s begin…